Tuesday, August 30, 2016


      package com.hr.automation.utilities;  
      import java.net.InetAddress;  
 import java.net.UnknownHostException;  
 import java.text.DateFormat;  
 import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;  
 import java.util.Date;  
      public class Accessories {  
           //     return date  
           public static String dateStamp(){  
                DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat();  
                Date date = new Date();  
                return dateFormat.format(date).substring(0,7);  
           public static String dateFormate(){  
                DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy");  
                Date date = new Date();  
                return dateFormat.format(date).substring(0,10);  
      //return time and date  
           public static String timeStamp(){  
                java.util.Date today = new java.util.Date();  
                return new java.sql.Timestamp(today.getTime()).toString();  
      // return environmental details  
           public static String osEnvironment(){  
                return "Current suit exicuted on : "+System.getProperty("os.name")  
                          +"/version : "+System.getProperty("os.version")  
                          +"/Architecture : "+System.getProperty("os.arch");  
           public static String getHostName() throws UnknownHostException{  
                InetAddress addr = InetAddress.getLocalHost();  
                //byte[] ipAddr = addr.getAddress();  
                 String hostname = addr.getHostName();  
                return hostname;  

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