Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coding standards to be followed in the QTP ?

1.Automation Engineer needs to add a section on top of every action/function which describes the action/function name,action/function description
2.Option Explicit statement must be included in the begining of every script/action.
3.The variables used in the action/function should be in the following way:
intEmpNo for integer type of variables
strEmpName for string type of variables
arrintEmpNames for integer type of array variables.
objQTP for object type of variables.
4.Exceptions should be handled by Code
5.Clear the objects at the end of the action/function
6.Logical names in the object repository should follow the naming convention like:
win_FlightReservation for windows
dlg_Flights for dialogs
txt_AgentName for text boxes/edit boxes.
page_Google for web pages.
RdBtn_Business for Radiob buttons.
ChkBx_First for Check boxes.
lst_FromCity for list /combo boxes.
wt_EmpDetails for WebTable.
lnk_Settings for

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