Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Difference Between Execute() statement and Eval() statement in QTP ?

Evaluates an expression and returns the result.

syntax:[result = ]Eval(expression)

result :
Optional. Variable to which return value assignment is made. If result is not specified, consider using the Execute statement instead.

expression :
Required. String containing any legal VBScript expression.

In VBScript, x = y can be interpreted two ways. The first is as an assignment statement, where the value of y is assigned to x. The second interpretation is as an expression that tests if x and y have the same value. If they do, result is True; if they are not, result is False. The Eval method always uses the second interpretation, whereas the Execute statement always uses the first.

Sub GuessANumber

Dim Guess, RndNum
RndNum = Int((100) * Rnd(1) + 1)
Guess = CInt(InputBox("Enter your guess:",,0))
If Eval("Guess = RndNum") Then
MsgBox "Congratulations! You guessed it!"
Exit Sub
Guess = CInt(InputBox("Sorry! Try again.",,0))
End If
Loop Until Guess = 0

End Sub

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