Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TestCases on Physical Objects like Pen,Book or Chair etc

Test cases on different objects generally asking are ::Pen, Book,Chair .
In general when we are writing a test case for objects like above, we should consider the objects parameters like
• Look and feel
• Performance
• Usability
• Rigidity
Look and feel means external appearance like outer case must be attractive. Look and feel parameters are, Color, Height, Width, Design Material used for making it, .etc
If you come for performance the important parameters are, Durability, Continuous perfromence...Etc.
Usability: How easy to use that thin Accessibility
Rigidity How strong it is How it is working in abnormal conditions For example if you want to write test cases for a pen Then first start with look and feel.
If you com for software enabled objects Notepad, Yahoo login, For above objects we should check Different menu options are working properly Functionality of buttons, Memory capacities, Look and feel, Speed of operation…etc

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