Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is a Framework ?

Framework is an execution environment for automation scripts that helps to build consistent ,expandable and less maintenance automated scripts.

Its a Support Structure in which another software project can be automated with minimum cost, affort and resources.

Application Independent.
It must be easy to expand ,maintain and perpetuate.

Even though there are many frameworks exists in many companies , till now the only framework which is familiar to all is "Keyword Driven Framework" .Apart from this there is another framework called "Data Driven Framework" which is unique and cant be customized.

People often customize the "Keyword Driven Framework" to form other frameworks like "Action Driven Framework" and Hybrid Framework and all..

I would always suggest to go Customize "Keyword Driven Framework" instead of using it just as it is...this we call it as "Hybrid or Action Driven Framework" which i suggest anyone.

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